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All the DF95 Boats come with a white hull with a Decal on the rear quarter of the hull. All the sails are the same with black corner reinforcing patches and a black luff tape on the jib.

Apart from the sail numbers it is impossible to identify which of the boats ligning up on the start line is yours !! - MAYHEM FOLLOWS !

With this in mind John Jorgensen drew up template patters for partial or full declas where you the owner could customise the design, give it a splash of colour, name the boat or display the boat number, add a flag, or even a photo of your Dog, Girl friend or your wife ....... Whatever.

Print out the Blank outline Jpeg mentioned below and using some colouring in pencils or majic markers - design something so John can interperate your ideas.    ( This is a free service to all South Africal owners of a DF95 ). A proof copy like the ones shown below will be sent to you for approval, prior to printing.

The cost of printing the Decal is about R150.00  - Postage is extra.

If you want to print it locally near you, I can send you the Coral Draw Version 13 - File. Check that your printer can read this type of file.

If anyone overseas wants this master Coral Draw Version 13 file for you to do your own artwork there is a copy on this page you are free to download.

All Boats come out the box like this Master Hull Decal Outline DF95.CORAL FILE.CDR Hull Decal Outline DF95.jpg

Click on Image on the left to Download an A4 copy of this image on which to practice you design skills

When you are happy - photograph it and e-mail it to me at


Remember to include the name of the type font used in the boats name or any numbers you want.

Some examples of decals done to date ..........  Remember you do not have to have a deck decal - do just the sides if you want - or remember if you want to you can even paint the hull.

Check out the Class Rules - but in essence you can paint the hull so long as you DO NOT improve the fairing between the through hull inserts and the hull, either by sanding - filler of thick paint. THAT IS NOT ALLOWED.

Below are some other examples from internet photographs to perhaps inspire you. HAVE FUN !

Click on  the camelion Image on the left to Download a copy of the master Coral Draw Version 13 file with the template outlines to draw your own design if you know how to operate the software.

There is a 200mm line scale to ensure that the final printout scales exactly otherwise it will not fit on the hull.

The colours must bleed past to cut line of the decal as shown. - Good Luck !

At a quick glance - which is yours? Most of the pack here looks totally the same ! With one exception ........

If you are looking for inspiration - Google DECALS and look at the artwork there under the various tabs - I’m sure you will be inspired.

Click on the Black Cat !


Of our local



To colour up the sails by yourself its very easy …….

Click on the boat image on the right and play around with some pencil crayons to create your design and colour scheme. NOTE - the design must not interfere with any numbers letters or class insignia. Ie having a stripe running through a number could be confusing …. So don’t do it!

I use the Permanent Artline Markers with as big a point as you can get. Above are the range of colours we can get here in South Africa. There are other permanent markers and colours available if you want to do your own research. Test out the marker and how it spreads on a sample of the sail material to see how it flows. ENSURE your marker is new and not dry.

If you are going to rule a straight line - see the left hand drawing - Ensure your ruler is off the actual sail to prevent the ink from bleeding under the ruler edge ….. Unless of course that is the effect you want! ………


Go to a local sign maker and get some off cuts of vinyl - usually you will get some for free as there are always off cuts.

Typically there are colour ranges like the chart shown above.

Use your imagination - Ensure that when you cut the vinyl your knife or NT Cutter is very sharp for a nice clean line.