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Welcome to Radio Sailing in South Africa website - Enjoy the fun world of Radio Sailing

The 36Shipmate is a South African Designed, ONE DESIGN CLASS.

All yachts were built to tight tolerances and exotic materials like Carbon Fibre and Kevlar are banned to reduce the enty level to compeditive sailing.

The class is about 35 odd years old and there are still some examples been sailed still but it has been superceded by the DF95 mentioned above.

The sails are restricted to 3 rigs of different sizes to match the winds strength.

Very close compeditive sailing can be had in this class but it has been superceded by the DRAGON FLITE 95.

You could buy nearly 2 DF95’s for the cost of building a new 36S. Also there are many variations that crept into the class over the years because they were built by different persons - some have wooden fins some have fibreglass, etc.

There are still fleets been sailed especially sown the Natal South Coast and Pietermaritzburg, but it is a class whos days are numbered.

Expect to see fewer of these boats been sailed and more of the skippers choosing to move over to the DF95.


A Brief Summary of the different classes  of yachts that are sailed in South Africa.


The INTERNATIONAL ONE METER Class is the largest class of yachts in the world it is also compeditive DEVELOPMENT CLASS where designers and skippers seek that elusive compeditive edge.

There are allot of local designed hulls sailing in fleets here in South Africa, but be cautious if buying a second hand design. It may be going cheap but is it a hull that performs well.

Unlike the Dragon Flite that has a Single Paneled sail, the sails on the IOM class are all made by specialists and have shaped seams. Its a case of you pay for performance. Most of the Sails, Masts and Sail Winches come from overseas and this does add to the costs of getting started in this class.

The only exotic Carbon Fibre material allowed on this class is on the Fin and Rudder. The Hull and deck can only be fibreglass and the masts aluminium of certain sizes and grades.

You are allowed only 3 sizes of rigs ie an A, B & C suit of sails to use in carying wind conditions.

This class would be the natural progression if you are looking to upgrade to a bigger class of yacht or would like to try your hand at a new design

Click here for more details on the IOM Class

The RADIO CONTROLLED LASER Class is compeditive ONE DESIGN CLASS from the USA, where all boats are essentially the same.

In this class exotic materials like Carbon Fibre and Kevlar etc, are Not allowed and you are restricted to two rigs of various sizes here in South africa

There is a strong fleet in Durban at the Model Yacht Pond at the Blue Lagoon. Other provinces have had strong fleets in the past, but its best to check around in your area to see if they are active.

If you are thinking of Radio Sailing - START HERE !

The DF95 was introduced into South Africa by DF Yachts in May 2017 with an initial shipment of 16 boats - another shipment of 14 boats soon followed in September

It is by far the fastest growing class in South Africa with boats in Durban - Pietermaritzburg - George - Port Elizabeth - Cape Town & Gauteng.

It’s designed by 3 British Radio Sailors and yacht designers and made by Josway in China. The finish is surperb and the performance is fantastic in all conditions.

Inexpensive relative to other classes sailed in SA it is also a boat that will never be out of date as a ONE DESIGN, it will retain it value.

Click here for more details on the DF95.